WCC’s History

WCC's "founding humans"

WCC’s “founding humans” in 1980.

In the late 1970s, local citizens groups sprouted across the Western Slope of Colorado in response to threats to their local communities – coal and molybdenum mining, oil shale development, and plans for powerlines were a few of the concerns. As the scope of their concerns broadened, members of these local groups decided to band together to create a unified citizens voice. From these groups and their members, the Western Colorado Congress formed in 1980.

In over three decades, Western Colorado Congress members have tackled — and won on — a wide variety of issues. For instance, we have:

  • Safeguarded the health of people on the Western Slope by blocking the creation of a radioactive waste dump
  • Protected consumer interests by preventing excessive utility rate hikes
  • Added to the legacy of future generations by winning wilderness status for low-elevation canyon country
  • Stopped corporations from polluting our air and water in many of our local communities
  • Ensured more sustainable management of our public lands by limiting aspen clearcutting
  • Passed legislation enabling farmers and food entrepreneurs to sell cottage foods directly to consumers
  • Enhanced our members’ abilities to participate in our democracy over the long haul by providing trainings and real-life experience

Because Western Colorado Congress takes on such a variety of issues, it has come to mean different things to different people. However, WCC has always maintained its commitment to organizing citizens on issues that directly affect their lives.