Where We Work

Four local affiliates are the “roots” in Western Colorado Congress’ grassroots efforts. It’s here that you can work with your neighbors to improve your local community, and tap into WCC’s training and support resources – all while building our collective power.

While WCC members often work on issues that affect all of western Colorado and beyond – issues like the impacts of oil and gas developmentpublic landslocal foods and agriculture or social justice – our affiliates can choose their own issues and strategies that are consistent with WCC’s mission.

Like all WCC members, as a member of an affiliate group you are also welcome to participate in any of WCC’s issue committees. Each local group also has a representative on the WCC Board of Directors.

Garfield County: Grand Valley Citizens Alliance

We choose to live in a beautiful area of western Garfield County that happens to be resource-rich with natural gas, shale oil, crude oil, coal, and other energy-producing resources. For nearly 100 years, locals have been pricked, prodded, drilled, fracked, mined and even bombed in the attempts to extract these minerals.

Ridgway-Ouray Community Council

The Ridgway Ouray Community Council (ROCC) is a nonprofit community organization whose mission is to build, nourish and protect the healthy spirit of our community.

Montrose County: Uncompahgre Valley Association

Since 1982, UVA has worked for a healthy and sustainable community in Montrose County based on social and economic justice and environmental stewardship.

WCC of Mesa County

We are a coalition of concerned citizens working to create healthy, sustainable communities, social and economic justice, and environmental stewardship in Mesa County, Colorado.

Plugging into a Regional Network

Western Colorado Congress is a member organization of the Western Organization of Resource Councils (WORC), a regional network of seven grassroots community organizations that include 10,000 members and 38 local affiliates. WORC helps its member groups succeed by providing training to their members and staff, and coordinating issue work that crosses state boundaries.

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