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“I find WCC’s legislative work exciting because it enhances our ability to affect the issues we care about. By engaging in the legislative process, we guarantee that our voices will be heard. Working with legislators and allies we create the possibility for good bills to become law and bad bills to fail.”

-Gretchen Nicholoff, WCC Legislative Committee Chair

Bill TrackerIn the 2017 legislative session, WCC is strongly supporting House Bill 1256 which would close a glaring loophole in state regulations regarding the distance required between oil and gas operations and our school-age children. HB17-1256 passed out of the Colorado House on Wednesday, March 29. It is expected to face tougher opposition in the Republican-controlled Senate.

WCC has worked for decades to improve the state rules and laws that govern oil and gas development. From engaging in Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission rule-makings to working with our elected officials at the legislature, we use every tool in the tool box to protect human and environmental health in the shadow of oil and gas development across the state.

To see the latest on other bills that WCC is tracking in the 2017 state legislature, click here.

Want In On The Action?

During WCC's 2017 People's Lobby Trip to Denver, WCC members enjoyed some time on the House floor as guests of Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush and Rep. Millie Hamner.Each year, from January to May, WCC organizes grassroots voices to participate in the Colorado State Legislature.

Did you know that WCC organizes a free People’s Lobby Trip each year, where we train members as citizen lobbyists to meet with legislators at the Capitol about our priority issues?

Did you know that we have a legislative committee that tracks proposed legislation that might impact the Western Slope for good or ill – and that all members are welcome to get involved?

Did you know that we have a WCC legislative action team to do things like write letters to the editor and call legislators about key bills? CLICK HERE to get involved!

Besides running legislation, WCC’s Legislative Committee each year takes stands for or against bills that affect our priority issues. The committee works directly with WCC’s legislative liaison, Sol Malick of Peak Government Affairs


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