Clean Energy

Transitioning to a new energy economy

solar panelsColorado’s Western Slope has at least a little bit of every aspect of the fossil-fuel economy: power plants, coal mines, oil and gas production, and even oil shale.

For decades, we have experienced the damaging boom-bust cycles that these extractive industries impose on our communities’ economies, as well as the impacts to human and environmental health. We’re headed into one of those busts now, with coal mines and power plants closing or laying off workers in a number of our rural areas.

But western Colorado also has world-class solar access, and potential for for becoming a renewables innovation hub. We believe our communities having an exciting opportunity to take control of our region’s energy future. We can create new sustainable jobs and industries while curbing our energy costs and lessening our contributions to climate change.

C-PACE sets the pace for energy improvements

COPACE-Final-draftIn 2017, WCC members have launched a new campaign to elevate our region’s clean energy economy. As a first step, we are focusing on C-PACE (Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy), a relatively new program available through the state of Colorado.

C-PACE allows owners of commercial and larger multi-family properties to obtain financing for energy-efficiency and renewable energy improvements. However, the program is only available in Colorado counties that have formally chosen to participate.

With support and training from WCC’s organizing staff, our members in MesaMontroseand Ouray Counties have developed a campaign to build alliances with commercial property owners, developers and contractors. Thus, we can speak with a more powerful voice when asking our county commissioners to approve C-PACE participation. You can join our growing coalition of Coloradans taking action for clean energy!

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